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Maroon Red Adventure Hoodie

Going on an adventure?  Don’t forget to equip your dog with our adventure hoodie!


Let your dog explore around without compromising comfort and mobility with out specialized zip up dog hoodie.


With velcro pockets to store personal items or treats and zip-up capabilities for easy fitting, and a stylish double stitching design, our hoodie is made for both you and your dog to enjoy.


See our detailed descriptions below to see why our adventure hoodie would be the perfect match for you and your dog.



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✔️ ADJUSTABLE SIZING – We know that finding the right size clothing for our dog may be tricky so we’ve done what we could to make all our sizes adjustable to suit your dog. The hoodie comes with a zip up zipper teeth that makes putting the hoodie on easier for you and your dog.


✔️ DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY – Our dog hoodies come equipped with a sturdy velcro pocket located on the back of the jacket. With a stylish double stitching inner design, our hoodies are designed to look fashionable both inside and out.


✔️ HARNESS FRIENDLY & MACHINE WASHABLE – Contains a small opening on the upper back of the dog coat for dog harness users. Machine washable with instructions on the inner tag of the clothes.


✔️ COMFORTABILITY & MOVEMENT – When your dog first puts on any of our clothes, they’ll see how light and easy it is to move around within minutes. We made it a big focus to keep our clothes fashionable without restricting the dogs movement as they pounce around. Lightweight, soft, and made for mobility.


✔️ QUALITY INSPECTED – Are you worried about ordering products from China? Our products have been inspected by a reputable third party for quality assurance. No compromise on material and quality.